How do I prepare for this session?

For a branding session, please have several tops ready so you can switch easily. Have the stuff that represents your brand ready, and try to coordinate the colours so it matches your logo, or decide to choose one highlight colour so the session has flow. We will be taking posed shots, candid shots (you working), environment shots (best if we do it at your location) and flat lays ( shots of your equipment or favourite things from above).

This will create a cohesive look and result in several shots that you can use in all your media. We will let you know what to have handy when you book.

I love my images, but I want more of a magazine retouching look for my portraits. Is it included?

Just colour correction in post is included, if you would like more of an in-depth retouching (under eye, pimples, bruises, teeth) we charge $15 per edit. 

Can we do video and photos at the same time?

Yes, we can! just be aware that video is charged separately. Depends on how much video you need, one photographer can do it or two of us will come to your session.

I don’t have an office, can we shoot somewhere else?

Yes, a quiet coffee shop or restaurant will work. Just bring your computer and tools of your trade. A studio is charged separately but we can always use our boudoir location.